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composer of functions


I am a maker & student based in California creating functional solutions to complex problems in computing. I have worked with design, the web, servers, databases, systems, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and cryptography.

I am passionate about open source and functional programming. In my free time, I program, create music, do calisthenics, and play soccer.


Find my writing on my blog, my thoughts on Twitter, and my code on GitHub. Support me on Patreon. Reach out by sending me an email.


Moon is the minimal & fast library for functional user interfaces.

Wade is a fast text search library.

Slash is a fast, efficient non-cryptographic hash function.

Wing is a beautiful CSS framework.

Valon is a constructed language based on functions.

Nox is an elegant dark-themed color scheme and Vim configuration.

Sold is a minimal static site generator designed for blogs and documentation.

Ice is a bot that procedurally crafts words and images.

Throw stores throwaway notes in the URL.

Arc is a hybrid kernel.

Snip is a dead-simple URL shortener.

Alter converts text or code to images.

Colicious is a delicious color generator.