Kabir · composer of functions

I'm a high-schooler in California making human-centric experiences that empower creativity.

Driven by curiosity, I fluidly cross boundaries and explore intersections. Functional programming, UI development, artificial intelligence, cryptography, quantum physics, linguistics, music, videography, economics, psychology — I've studied them all at some point.

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I'm a junior in high school studying computer science as a part of our engineering academy. I co-founded Cohack, where I teach students to code and host hackathons. At the same time, I'm going down the rabbit hole of programming language theory and user interface development with Moon.

In my free time, I play soccer, lacrosse, guitar, and video games. I enjoy skateboarding and snowboarding too, but I'm not too good at either.


This summer, I worked as a junior engineer on the core team at Webflow, a company pushing the limits of no-code.

Over the past few years, I've been obsessed with open-source projects. Some highlights include Wade, a 1kb JavaScript text search library; Wing, a beautiful CSS library; and Slash, a small hash function.


I avoid detailed plans for the future; they're boring. Ultimately, I strive to challenge assumptions and invent crazy ideas. My work should involve making meaningful experiences for humans, blurring the lines between science and art. Because while science might keep us living, art is what we live for.

For now, I plan on pursuing higher-level education in computer science. The allure of other fields will keep me learning, at least until I become a rockstar or something.


Find my thoughts on Twitter and my code on GitHub. Reach out by email.